Bagging Equipment


     PS-125 One Step

     Autobag® AB-145™ Bagger

     Autobag® AB-180™ Bagger

     SidePouch™ SPrint™

     Sprint Revolution

 Tabletop Bag Openers &
     Automatic Drop Sealers

Automated Packaging Systems bagging equipment is designed for a wide variety of applications including hardware, promotional, food, retail items and fulfillment applications. The cost efficient, high speed, virtually eliminates manual bag handling and the need for skilled operators. A single untrained operator can achieve speeds in excess of 40 bags per minute. Their bagging equipment utilizes Autobag® bags on a roll and Sidepouch™ specialty bags.

Bag openers automate the packaging of textiles, soft goods, bakery items and any product that requires horizontal loading into wicketed bags. Drop sealers are designed to automate the sealing and trimming of the wicketed bag. They are offered in various sizes and configurations depending on the application.

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