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The finest #1 selling Impulse Sealers

PPE offers the finest #1 selling Impulse Sealers under the strictest quality controls. Every unit is pre-tested and warranted in the United States guaranteeing efficiency dependability and longevity. Ideal for a multitude of applications. Makes excellent air and water tight seals on materials listed below:

  • Polyethylene
  • Pliofilm
  • P.V.A.
  • Polyurethane
  • Kel-F
  • Tivac
  • Polyvinylchloride
  • Polyflex
  • Saran
  • Mylar
  • Nylon

and all other heat sealable materials.

Models and Specifications:

Model PPE-100 PPE-200 PPE-300 PPE-400 PPE-500 PPE-205 PPE-305
Max. Seal Length 4 " 8 " 12 " 16 " 20 " 8 " 12 "
Max. Seal Thickness 5 mil 6 mil 6 mil 6 mil 6 mil 6 mil 6 mil
Seal Width 2 mm 2 mm 2 mm 2 mm 2 mm 5 mm 5 mm
Watts 160 W 260 W 380 W 500 W 600 W 450 W 600 W
Weight 6 lbs 8 lbs 11 lbs 13 lbs 17 lbs 9 lbs 12 lbs

*All Sealers are 110 Volts (220 Volts Units Available Upon Request)


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Foot Sealers

The line of heavy duty Impulse Foot Sealers (FI series), are specially manufactured to increase sealing production. Equipped with foot pedal activator, the user's hands are free to feed the machine. The Impulse Type Foot Sealers come complete with pedestal, stand, adjustable worktable and adjustable foot pedal. 5 millimeter and 10 millimeter sealing widths are also available. A Hot stamp Printer can be added as an option to print date, times and other info onto your product. Other options available are Heavy Duty Work tables, Taller Stands and Tilt Head adjustments. All can be added to each machine for your specific needs. Please refer to the accessories section.

AIE-300FI, 450FI, 600FI, 305FI, 455FI, 605FI,310FI,4510FI,6010FI.
4 Piece Kit (2 Heating Elements, 1 Upper Teflon & 1 Lower Teflon) for All Type Foot Sealers ( K300FI, K450FI, K600FI, K305FI, K455FI, K605FI, K3010FI, K4510FI, K6010FI ).
Heating Element, Timer or Temperature Controller Available.


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Constant Heat Sealers

These special foot sealers are excellent for sealing polycello films, humidity-proof cellophane film, polyethylene film, aluminum foil coated bags and gusset bags. A beautiful mesh seal, 5/8 inch wide by 8, 12, or 16 inches long, is created. These sealers are ideal for producing wide seals of heavier bags. Each unit is equipped with a temperature controller & beeper signal to notify operator when the sealing is complete. Each machine has been injection mold cast and electro static painted for durability.  Each unit comes complete with pedestal, stand, adjustable work table and foot control.
Model: AIE-202CH, 302CH, 402CH, 310CH (10 mm )..



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Magneta Electric Impulse Sealers

The Magneta Series sealers are rugged, reliable machines that provide high quality seals time after time. The Magneta is equipped with a magnetic hold down device that ensures strong consistent seals independently from the operator. The easy action of the electric foot switch virtually eliminates operator fatigue.

The Magneta seals two layers of polyethylene film up to 8-mil thickness each.* It also seals some thin laminations and foils.*

Two magneta electric models are available with seal lengths that meet most requirements. For longer seal lengths, ask about air operator PI Series, where lengths up to 60" are available.

Standard features include:
Cutter system
Electric foot switch actuation

Options include:
Tubular steel stand
Adjustable work shelf
Bag support
Roller set for Roll stock

Technical information:

Models 421MGE 621MGE
Seal Length 16" 24"
Width 1/8" 1/8"
Power (Watts) 480 625
Shipping wt. (lbs) 35 50
Options twin seals twin seals

* Free sample bag testing available

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MPS 6100 Series - Continuous Rotary Band Sealer

The MPS 6100 series is available in the following standard configurations for ease of ordering:

MPS 6100: Basic Sealer
MPS 6110: Sealer & Front End Trimmer
MPS 6120: Sealer & Embosser
MPS 6130: Sealer & Printer
MPS 6140: Table Top Unit
MPS 6150: Sealer, Front End Trimmer & Printer
MPS 6160: Sealer, Front End Trimmer & Embosser

Designed to fit seamlessly into your production process, an MPS sealer decreases your downtime and gives the utmost flexibility. These constant load, variable speed machines operate with PID autotune digital temperature controllers and variable pressure sealing bars. Seals are created using economical Teflon bands, which produce consistent, hermetic seals on all heat sealable bags.

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PVG Vacuum/Gas Bag Sealer

Known as an industry workhorse for years, the PVG vacuum sealer is used for applications requiring Modified Atmosphere Packaging. Combining quality and economy, the PVG comes with a standard gas flush capability, bi-active seal, and independent vacuum, gas, seal, and cool timers.

It can be customized with many features such as a venturi vacuum system; multistage capability; bag stretcher; vacuum sensor; and Sure-temp Temperature Controller depending on the application.

Standard features include:

  • 5/16" wide seal element in each jaw. This meets the sealing needs of a wide variety of bag materials.
  • Seal lengths: 12"-54"
  • Rotary electronic controlled timers for each stage of vacuum, gas flush, seal, and cool. Cycle time starts when the foot switch is activated.
  • Control panel has on/off control for vacuum pump and high/low pressure analog gauges for monitoring jaw closure and seal pressure.
  • Vacuum pump - 1/4 horsepower
  • Bag Stretcher to assist proper fitting of bags into seal jaws avoiding wrinkles in the seal area.
  • Stainless steel frame.
  • Stainless Steel Workshelf and bag support simplifies bag positioning by supporting product during processing.
  • Many other options available for special environmental or product needs.

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VMS 43 Vacuum Chamber

The VMS 43 is a small tabletop with analog control panel, stainless steel chamber, and a 2.5 CFM vacuum pump.

The seal bars of the VMS 43 are removable, and its lid is transparent.

Technical Information:

  • Cabinet Dimensions (L x W x H) : 17 x 12 x 11
  • Chamber Size (A x B x C)** : 10" x 12 x 3"
  • Vacuum Pump Displacement : 2.5 CFM
  • Seal Width : 1/8"

A = Seal bar length
B = Distance from sealbar to back of chamber
C = Chamber height


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VMS 163 Stainless Steel Vacuum Chamber

The VMS 163 is our largest tabletop vacuum chamber with digital control panel, stainless steel chamber, and a 12.5 CFM vacuum pump.

The VMS 163 has double 1/8" seals, controlled vacuum, soft air, and high transparent lids.

Options include:

  • Gas flush for MAP applications,
  • Trim seal
  • Sensor control
  • Rear seal bar for increased output


  • Cabinet Dimensions (L x W x H) : 24 x 19 x 17
  • Chamber Size (A x B x C)** : 16" x 18 x 6"
  • Vacuum Pump Displacement : 12.5 CFM
  • Seal Width : 2 x 1/8"


A = Seal bar length
B = Distance from sealbar to back of chamber
C = Chamber height

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VMS 223 Vacuum Chamber

The VMS 223 is a small floor model vacuum chamber. It has a stainless steel chamber, an acrylic lid, and a 37 CFM vacuum pump.

The VMS 223 has digital controls, controlled vacuum, and two sealing bars per chamber. Options include sensor control, gas flush, and trim seals.

Technical Information:

  • Cabinet Dimensions (L x W x H) : 26 x 26 x 40
  • Chamber Size (A x B x C)** : 19" x 19 x 8"
  • Chamber Type: Stainless
  • Lid Type: Acrylic
  • Vacuum Pump Displacement : 37 CFM
  • Number of seal bars: 2
  • Seal Width: 1/8"

A = Seal bar length
B = Distance between seal bars
C = Chamber height

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VMS 223 Vacuum Chamber

he VMS 503 is our largest double chamber. The double chamber creates higher output than a single chamber machine, as bag loading and unloading can be done while the other chamber is vacuuming.

The VMS 503 lid and chamber are both stainless steel. It has a flat chamber bed for ease of cleaning, and a 147 CFM vacuum pump.

The VMS 503 has digital controls, two seal bars per chamber, and soft air to prevent damage to delicate produucts. Options include sensor control, gas flush, trim seal, and biactive seal bars.


  • Cabinet Dimensions (L x W x H) : 95 x 43 x 41
  • Chamber Size x 2 (A x B x C)** : 43" x 28 x 8"
  • Chamber Type: Flat Stainless
  • Lid Type: Stainless
  • Vacuum Pump Displacement : 147 CFM
  • Seal Width : 2 x 1/8"

A = Seal bar length
B = Distance from sealbar to back of chamber
C = Chamber height

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