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Clysar HP Gold/VHG

Clysar HP Gold is the multi-purpose workhorse in the family of Clysar shrink films. This clear, biaxially oriented, linear low-density shrink film is specifically crosslinked to provide strong, durable seals and excellent shrinkage across a broad operating range. Designed to tolerate tunnels and sealing systems that have wide variations in control, Clysar HP Gold is compatible with all sealing systems and performs well under less-than-optimum seal equipment conditions. A non-printable hot slip version, Clysar HPS Gold, also is available. Clysar HP Gold is highly suited to demanding multi-pack bundling applications.

Available gauges: 60, 75, 125, 150, 200

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Clysar LE Gold

Clysar LEG (LE Gold) is a new thin heat-shrinkable polyolefin film that incorporates Bemis proprietary technology to deliver unsurpassed performance in applications that demand minimum shrink force while the film is shrinking to avoid deforming or collapsing the product. Clysar LEG combines very high available shrinkage at low temperatures and the lowest shrink force in the Clysar family of shrink films. This combination makes it not only the ideal film for those “low-energy” applications but also extremely easy to use on all shrink-wrap equipment, eliminating the need for major fine tuning to achieve great looking packages with excellent clean up and minimum reject rates. This exceptional performance is achieved without sacrificing the properties that have made Clysar the leader in the industry, such as high percent of shrinkage, strength, clarity and gloss.

Available gauge: 50, 60 or 75 gauge as either flat or folded film

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Clysar ABL

Clysar ABL is a tough, durable, soft shrink film that features excellent tear resistance, puncture resistance, and memory. A biaxially oriented, crosslinked, monolayer polyethylene film, Clysar ABL, was designed specifically for use with a wide variety of sealers and for tunnels with limited air flow. Clysar ABL is an ideal choice for wrapping high profile or oddly shaped packages. Clysar ABL also runs well on all L-sealers and automatic side seal systems with a wide range of tunnel temperatures.

Available gauges: 50, 60, 75, 100, 125, 200

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NEW! Clysar® ShrinkBox™ Film
The Toughest Shrink Film on the Market for Your Most Challenging Applications.

The Benefits of Clysar® ShrinkBox™ Film are Endless!

  • It’s the strongest shrink film you can get.
  • It conforms to any shape.
  • It runs well on most shrink equipment
  • It allows greater productivity.
  • It takes up a fraction of the space of corrugate.
  • It looks better.
  • It can even keep confidential materials just that - confidential.

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Reynolon® Shrink Film

Reynolon® Shrink Film is renowned for optical clarity and exceptional shrink. Overwrapping a product in Reynolon film gives your product optimum appearance and puncture-resistance. Reynolon film is designed to not only perform well in the marketplace, but also on your packaging equipment. Reynolon high-speed films work at maximum efficiencies on the fastest wrapping equipment. Reynolon low temperature shrink films slip easily around the product without damaging the package or its valuable contents.

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